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Buy US Shop is a simple US based shopping guide, listing over 1,200,000 products aimed at a US online shopping market, from 100+ of the best retailers. Run and built buy a single person, me Tom, I am the designer and administrator and I get to choose what happens on the website. I have the small luxury of not having corporations telling me what to do and I don't have retailers telling me I can only use this that or the other product and I don't have to worry about the normal promotional stuff, I get to hand pick what products I promote, what companies are worth working with, what brands are offering good quality. So why am I bothering you may ask? There are loads of comparison websites, loads of voucher and discount websites and loads of these shop front type websites about, well quite simply put, because I wanted something really simple, really open and honest, not voucher and profit driven and a place where people could simply come to the site find a massive variety of products from retailers I know are trustworthy without being pointed just at the retailer that offered the most profit to have their product at the top of the list. I do still have bills to pay though and a small commission is paid to me when anyone makes a purchse through this website.

I have over 20 years of web design experience behind me, have been involved with a variety of big brand companies and have built both corporate and fun websites over the years, but always under direction from other people. Building a site I know is purely for it's visitors was key for me.

I do not provide discount codes on the website itself, as I do not want to be associated with a lot of websites that I would consider cut throat, sites that are pure profit driven and don't care what product or retailer it is, so long as they get their cut. I do plan to make some discount codes available on the Buy US Shop Facebook page so you can save money, but will keep that seperate and simple, so you know you will never be tricked into clicking something.

The Buy US Shop website itself is relatively new, but it is using the model I have used on a few other websites, it offers a small element of comparison between retailers, but is not dependent upon that, which is why the search bar is so prominent, so you can find the products you want directly. I also feature heavily Amazon on all product pages, as Amazon can offer really good prices and value and a world class support system, so as a company I feel I can personally endorse and which I use regularly myself, I feel happy to give Amazon a lot of coverage.

I hope you will enjoy using Buy US Shop when looking for purchases and if there is something you feel could be better, or that is missing, please let me know and I will look into it.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today.

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